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Discover the flavor of excellence!


Looking for a catering solution for your next flight? We are at your disposal!



Craftsmen at the Service of Flavor

Discover the exclusive experience with Gallia Aero, crafted by passionate chefs using local and authentic products. Our solution is thoughtfully designed by users, operators, and navigators to ensure that every flight remains a unique and memorable moment.

Chocolate Artisan

High-end artisanal confectionery products made from ethically sourced, top-quality raw materials. A must-have of Swiss know-how, our chocolatier will make you melt with pleasure.

Artisan Baker

Discover the art of artisanal baking with our handcrafted breads and pastries, made with the finest and ethically sourced ingredients. Our master baker follows traditional methods to bring you authentic flavors, using carefully selected flour and making our own sourdough for exceptional bread. Each step is crafted with utmost care to provide you with high-quality bread and pastries that you'll love.

Artisan Caterer

Our catering team offers you canapés, salads and hot dishes. Your requests are in the hands of skilled craftsmen capable of making your flight a delicious experience.

Pastry Chef

Our pastries are both aesthetically pleasing and delicious, and are sure to delight you. Let yourself be transported by our seasonal creations.

Chef cattering Gallia Genève nourriture jet privé

Professional Chef

Our passionate and demanding head chef is committed to satisfying you, even at 40,000 feet. Artisans work with local farmers and greengrocers, delivering every morning to ensure the taste and freshness of the products. Our baker works passionately all night to bring you authentic flavors time and time again.

Nourriture fraiches Cattering local Genève Geneva

Quality products

Our products are ethically sourced, and our organization places a strong emphasis on reducing plastic use through the use of biodegradable materials. Our high-quality trays are the perfect balance between environmental responsibility and elegance.

Confiance cattering Gallia Genève Service haute qualité

Customer Relationship

A team of aviation professionals who understand the demands of your operations. Quick processing and Swiss punctuality because your satisfaction is our reward.

Swiss made cattering Gallia fabrication suisse haute standing business jet privé

100% Swiss made

We take pride in showcasing Swiss quality through our Swiss-made products and artisans. Our goal is to convey the reputation of « swiss made » to every customer, ensuring the best possible culinary experience onboard your flight.

Gallia Aero

General Conditions of Sale

These General Conditions govern the relationship between Gallia Aero and its customers for catering services.


Looking to partner with us?

We put our catering service at your disposal for your next flights and for your events. The Gallia.aero network is also available to organize your flights. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to receive a personalized quote. We will be delighted to put our expertise and professionalism at your disposal.